Eco-Activity: Join the Earth Defence Squad!


Calling all Earthlings—your planet needs you! Climate change is causing lots of trouble on Planet Earth, but you’ve got what it takes to fight it. For today’s Eco-Activity, we want you to join our newest Challenge: Earth Defence Squad!

Inside of you are some seriously cool climate-change-defeating superpowers. When you join this Challenge, we’ll show you how to unleash them! 

Step 1: Join the Earth Defence Squad Challenge!

Visit the Challenges section in the Earth Rangers App!

Step 2: Choose which superpowers you want to use!

You can Launch the Energy Zapper to stop energy vampires, Trigger Transformations to turn food scraps into nutritious soil, Engage Force Field to stop drafts from invading your house, and more!

Step 3: Log your superpowers to unlock rewards and complete the community goal!

When you’re finished, log your habits (AKA your super powers) in the app! The more habits you complete; the more rewards you unlock. Plus, every habit logged gets us closer to reaching the Community Goal: a donation to help pollinators! 

Step 4: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Encourage your friends and family to use their climate-change-defeating super powers with you. 

Step 5: Come back and use your superpowers every day!

Don’t forget to log your habits each time you complete them. The more you use your superpowers, the more you help slow down climate change!

Join the Earth Defence Squad now! By working together, climate change won’t stand a chance!