Eco-Activity: We want to hear you RAWR!


RAWR! It’s not just the sound a bear makes, it’s also the name of one of our favourite Missions! RAWR stands for Respect Animals While Recycling, and it’s something we think everyone should do. But how? We’ll show you in today’s Eco-Activity!

Animals are attracted to our stinky garbage and recycling. When they come to check it out, they’re at risk of getting seriously hurt. Follow these tips and keep animals safe:

  • Make sure you wash out all of your bottles, jars, cans and other containers so the smell of food doesn’t attract animals. Crush your pop cans and turn their tabs to cover the opening so small animals can’t crawl in.
  • Cut up six-pack rings (and the ear bands on your masks) so animals don’t get tangled up in them.
  • If your organics are smelly, store them in a freezer to reduce the odour.
  • If you have curbside pickup, wait until the morning of collection day to put your stuff out. That way it won’t attract nighttime critters.