Eco-Activity: Buy-buy bug candles


There’s nothing more peaceful than a cool late-summer evening… until you suddenly get bit!! Campfires, outdoor family dinners, and sunset watching can quickly get itchy when mosquitos get hungry. Earth Rangers to the rescue! We’ve got a great way to upcycle your glass jars, keep those pesky nibblers away, and add a little pizazz to your outdoor space: DIY floating citronella candles!

Fill your jars in this order:

  1. Fresh herbs: Rosemary, basil, thyme, and lavender work well
  2. Water (fill to an inch below the lid rings and leave enough space for your candle)
  3. 10-20 drops of essential oil (depending on the size of your jar). A mix of citronella and lemongrass works great!
  4. One lime wedge
  5. Two lemon slices
  6. Floating candl

These will last about 3-4 days before the herbs and citrus start to loose their effectiveness. That means if you make them up today, they’ll last for the entire weekend!

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