Is Emma’s quest finally coming to an end? Her search for Adelia Goodwin has brought her to Nicaragua where two little girls Emma met seem to know just where she is! Can it be true? When this all culminates to a showdown between jaguars and ocelots, where will things go? Will everything go according to plan?

During her trip Emma gets shown a…flower?! What kind could it be? Its name bears a striking resemblance to the person Emma is seeking. This is none other than an Adelia Flower! Adelia is actually a type of flowering plant. In fact, many flowers could be considered “Adelias”. The name Adelia comes from the Greek words “Not” and “Visible”, could this be a hint? Could the presence of these flowers mean that Emma’s journey is close to finding something – or someone – hidden?

We also learn a lot about two species of wild cats! The mighty Jaguar, and the swift Ocelot. Big or small, which cat will be crowned the winner in this ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN?

Which cat are you rooting for?! Were you disappointed when “Adelia” turned out to be a flower? Or…do you think its discovery could mean something? Let us know in the comments!

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