Protecting Endangered Grasslands

Temperate grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. From agriculture to logging to urban sprawl, it’s estimated that up to 90% of the grasslands that once existed across North America are now gone. Besides providing critical ecosystem services like erosion control and carbon sequestration, grasslands are also home to hundreds of species of plants and animals, including many that are endangered or threatened.

Project Animals

Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly has one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom. Each spring, populations from the northern United States and southern Canada make the 3,000-mile journey to the oyamel fir forests of Mexico, where they spend their winters. They then make the journey back, but reproduce along the way – in fact, it takes around four generations of monarchs to complete the full migration between their summer and winter habitats. While the return north will be made by multiple generations, incredibly, the cohort of monarchs traveling south each winter makes their journey in just one. This means these monarchs require quality summer habitat where they can refuel and recharge before they begin their migration, but sadly, this habitat is disappearing.

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Meet the Team!

Becky Magnus

Nature Saskatchewan
Your adoption will help Earth Rangers support Nature Saskatchewan as they work to help conserve the endangered grassland habitat that monarchs need to survive. Through their Stewards of Saskatchewan program, Nature Saskatchewan Biologists work not only to raise awareness about the importance of monarchs and their incredible journey and life cycle, but also to help land managers understand how to conserve and monitor the monarch’s grassland habitat. By ensuring this habitat continues to provide the space and resources required to ensure successful monarch breeding and feeding, we can help protect these amazing animals for years to come.

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