A Drafty Problem


Hello, Earth Rangers! It’s me, Beatrice Bear. I’ve been looking for the perfect hibernation location, and I think I’ve found one! A hollow under the roots of a giant tree looks really nice. I know what you’re thinking: don’t bears hibernate in caves? Some bears do, but most bears dig their dens into hillsides or find nice cozy hollows like mine.

There’s only ONE problem: there’s a hole in the side and the cold air is downright chilly. It’s a good thing I’m a handy bear! I’m going to patch the hole. When it snows, it’ll provide insulation that will keep me (and my future cubs) warm and toasty.

But what about humans? What happens when you get a drafty breeze in your home? Unlike bears, lots of humans heat their homes with electricity. When there’s a crack around a window or door frame, the warm air escapes, and the cold air comes blowing in. That’s a waste of energy. Wasting energy is definitely NOT eco-friendly, so it’s important to stop that draft!

To find out if you have a draft in your house, just run your hands around your windows and doors. If you feel cold air, tell an adult. They’ll be able to get to work and fix it!

I hope you have a warm, toasty winter. After I patch the hole in my den, I’m going to get ready for a lovely rest. See you in the spring!

Want to learn more about stopping that Devious Draft? Look for Operation Conservation in the Mission section of the Earth Rangers App!