Be a Raccoon Buddy!


When you put out your recycling at the curb, the last thing on your mind is probably “what will the raccoons think?” but our recycling habits can actually impact the local wildlife. Here’s how!

Picture this: you’re a hungry raccoon, out in the early evening hours and looking for something tasty to eat. What’s this?! Someone left some delicious peanut butter in a jar in their recycling bin? Yum! You stick your nose in and – uh oh. Now it’s stuck! You just wanted a snack, but now you’re in serious trouble.

This type of thing happens to animals all the time. It’s our job to stop it. Be a raccoon buddy by making sure you Respect Animals While Recycling! Here are a few tips to try at home:

  • Before they hit the recycling bin, be sure to wash out all containers REALLY well. You don’t want to see any kind of food inside. If a container doesn’t smell like food, it won’t attract wildlife.
  • If something has sharp edges (like a tin can), place it at the bottom of your recycling bin, farther away from any animals that might sniff around. You can also ask your parents to look for a can opener that make smooth edges instead of jagged ones.
  • Get a compost container with a tightly-fitting lid to prevent raccoons from getting inside (they’re very clever).

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