Check out this amazing animal mom!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we thought we’d take a look at an amazing mom from the animal kingdom: the black bear.

Say hello to Trudy!

Trudy is a black bear living on her own in one of British Columbia’s most beautiful forests. She spends her time eating berries, salmon and whatever else she can get her paws on. She’s got a big appetite these days because she’s expecting two cubs in the New Year.

Food isn’t her only focus; she’s also looking for the perfect place to make her den. Choosing a hidden spot deep in the forest will give her and her future cubs a safe place to stay for the winter. This den will protect her from the cold and any predators that might be out looking for a bite to eat.

The cubs will be born in late January and will be blind and very small (about the size of a hamster). It’s up to her to care for them as they grow, and it’s a tough job that will keep her awake and busy for the rest of the winter.

When spring arrives, the cubs will be raring to get outside and explore their new environment. They’ll jump around, play, and climb on trees, so it’s Trudy’s job to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble. She also needs to be on the lookout for predators. She will protect her cubs from all sorts of threats, like humans, wolves and even other bears.

In the fall, Trudy will need to start looking for another den for the winter, but this time, it will need to have room for her cubs, which will have grown much bigger. It will be a tight squeeze, but since it will be the last winter they spend together, Trudy is willing to make it work!

Winter will fly by and so will spring. Before she knows it, it will be June and Trudy will be saying goodbye to her babies as they head off on their own and eventually start their own families.

We think Trudy will be a great mom, and while her cubs might not celebrate Mother’s Day, you can celebrate it with your mom!

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