Check out this Mission – it’s For the Birds!


Temperatures are dropping and many of the birds that call the north home are saying “see ya!”, heading down south for warmer weather. Must be nice! But in order to make this long journey, they need safe spaces to rest, plus plenty of food to give them the energy they need to keep going. Unfortunately there are times when some birds have trouble finding enough food to eat – and that’s where you come in! Will you lend a helping feather?

Your Mission: Build a backyard bird feeder to help our bird buddies!

Earth Ranger Liam – “The most exciting birds I saw were a red-tailed hawk and a northern flicker woodpecker! – It was fun to watch the birds and to look them up. This is my favourite mission so far!”

Accept the For the Birds Mission in the Earth Rangers App today to get started! We’ll give you a Mission Brief filled with tips and tricks to make your bird feeder, plus downloadables like a tracking sheet you can use to keep a watchful eye on your special visitors.

Did you know that Canada is home to millions of migratory birds? Every spring and fall the shores of Lake Ontario welcome hundreds of thousands of birds as they make their way to and from their final destinations. They often arrive hungry and exhausted after a long flight, but thanks to the Flyway Habitat Project, they get to come back to an amazing migratory bird habitat! The Ash Grove cement plant on Lake Ontario’s shoreline partnered with Credit Valley Conservation to create habitats full of woodland trees and shrubs, thickets full of juicy berries, peaceful meadow and grassland areas hopping with insects, and cozy new birdhouses for a ton of different bird species. This awesome habitat has everything migratory birds need to rest and refuel, but their journey doesn’t end there – that’s why it’s so important you help them along right from your own backyard!

What birds have you spotted at your feeder? Leave a comment and let us know!

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