Friendly Family Fishing Tips


Ahhh! It’s finally summer. Goodbye homework, hello fun in the sun! We don’t know about you, but one of our favourite ways to spend our sunny summer days is out on the water. You can play, swim, and even fish with your family. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re down by the lake, river or ocean and help keep our fishy friends and their homes safe!

Read up on local rules!

Did you know most provinces and territories each have their own rules about fishing? They tell you when and where you can go out, and how many fish you can take home with you. All of these guidelines help keep the fish populations at a healthy number. Before you start fishing, make sure you check out the local rules first!

Fish are friends, too!

If you’re fishing for fun, make sure your fishy friends are happy and healthy when you send them back in the water. It’s easy! Just pick the right kind of equipment for fish you’re looking for! That way, you can avoid that pesky wrestling with your catch. Not only will it make things easier on you, it also helps the fish to avoid injury after being released!

Leave no trail behind!

As Earth Rangers, we know how important it is to leave nature exactly how you found it (or better yet: even cleaner)! When you’re out fishing this summer, take all your waste back with you. Anything left behind can hurt animals and the environment. Luckily, you can usually find recycling centres near many common fishing sites. Of course, accidents happen too. To be safe, you can use biodegradable fishing lines and supplies! This will help keep harmful chemicals and plastics out of the water.

Everything that comes with you should go back with you too, not just the equipment! It might seem fine to toss leftover bait in the water before going home… but wait! They could be invasive species, and that’s really bad news for the ecosystem!

Save those Shorelines!

Whether fishing from land or a boat, make sure you’re not hurting the plants under the water, especially near the shoreline. They are very important for all kinds of aquatic life. Be careful if you have to pass through and make sure the grown-ups remember to lift those motors until you reach deeper water!

There you have it: some easy ways to have safe and fishy summer fun!