Your Next Mission: Greenspace Guardian


We all have a favourite outdoor space. It could be your backyard, the park, the school yard, or even just that small tree you like to sit under. Now, would it surprise you to learn that the outdoor space you love is probably part of an Indigenous Traditional Territory (or three!)?

Indigenous Peoples were the original people to call this land home, and they’ve been the caretakers and guardians of it for thousands of years. We can learn a lot about how to protect the planet by looking at the work done by Indigenous conservation groups, including the Indigenous Guardians.

For this Mission, we want you to learn how Indigenous Guardians care for the planet, and then use that knowledge to look after your own greenspace.

To complete this Mission, you must:

  • Read through the Mission Brief to learn how Indigenous Guardians take care of their land.
  • Pick a greenspace and learn what Traditional Indigenous Territories it’s on.
  • Take action to protect and care for your greenspace.
  • Share your greenspace and what you’ve learned with someone close to you.
  • When you’re done, tell us about your Mission in the App. Don’t forget to share a picture!

Look for Greenspace Guardian in the Missions section of the Earth Rangers App!


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