Happy Holi-D.I.Y. Mission


Quick! What’s a place with lots of birds, mammals, insects and a bunch of trees? It’s a forest! If you want to do your part to help conserve forests this holiday season, then Happy Holi-DIY is for you!



Forests are incredibly important ecosystems, not just for the animals that live in them, but for humans too. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, forests touch our lives every day.

Each holiday season we buy new toys, clothing and who can forget the shiny new holiday decorations that make the season bright! Our forests provide us with the resources to make these products (like wood, paper and metals) so it’s important that they are collected in a responsible way.

You can also do things in your own home to help our forests. One of the best ways is to practice the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.

forest animals
These are just a few of the animals that call Canada’s forests home.

When you’re finished with something, don’t just throw it out – see if you can reuse it! All it takes is some Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) spirit and a little imagination to help make a big difference for our forests.

This year you can help conserve Canada’s forests and the animals living there by making your own holiday gifts and decorations!

ReindeerWhen you accept the Happy Holi-DIY Mission, you’ll get access to awesome crafts that you can make from items found around your home. Grab an empty jar, an egg carton, an old pop bottle, a sock or even just a pinecone, and get crafting!

To complete this Mission you must:
• Make homemade crafts like the ones in this Brief by using materials found around your home.
• Give your crafts as gifts to your family and friends or use them to decorate your home.
• When you’re done, visit www.earthrangers.com/happy-holi-DIY to let us know how it went!