Is there a Power Phantom in your house?


Did you know that some of your electronics suck up power even when you aren’t using them? This is the work of the evil Power Phantom! He sucks up all the energy he can, wasting electricity and costing you money.

Has your house been invaded?

Do you put your computer to sleep instead of turning it off? Do you leave your chargers plugged in when they aren’t charging anything? Do you have a printer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably have a Power Phantom in your home.

Don’t feel badly – it’s almost impossible for your home to be completely Power Phantom-free. That’s because a lot of the electronics we use stay on standby even when we think they’re off. For example, your TV is always looking for a signal from your remote, and your microwave and oven are always keeping track of the time.

How can you put an end to the Power Phantom’s evil ways?

phantom power, detective, electricity,Stopping the Power Phantom is as easy as 1-2-3. You just have to:
1. Unplug…
Oh! That’s it. I guess it’s as easy as 1.

As soon as you unplug an electronic, charger, or other gadget, the Power Phantom can’t suck up any more power from it.

If you want to make it even easier, plug things into a power bar. It has a switch that you can use to start and stop the flow of electricity. So instead of unplugging everything, you just need to flip that switch and the Power Phantom is done for!

Now, you’re probably not going to want to unplug everything, but unplugging as many things as you can will help you save energy and money.

Want to save more energy?

The Power Phantom is just 1 of the 7 culprits we want you to stop as part of the Operation Conservation Mission! When you accept your Mission, you’ll protect your home from energy-wasters and help in the fight against climate change.

We’re thrilled to say that many of you have already taken on the challenge. Let see how you’ve done so far!

Since the Mission launched in 2015, you’ve stopped…

Earth Ranger Marshall completed the Operation Conservation Mission

The Terrible Tap 2,119 times,
The Lousy Leak 1,846 times,
The H2O Hog 1,684 times,
The Devious Draft 1,657 times,
The Sinister Suds 1,607 times,
The Power Phantom 2,333 times, and
The Thermo Inferno 1,851 times!

Here’s what Earth Ranger Marshall had to say:

We now wash our clothes in Cold water and we make sure to always unplug electronics when we’re not using them.

Marshall stopped the culprits the Terrible Tap, the Lousy Leak, the H2O Hog, the Devious Draft, the Sinister Suds, and the Power Phantom.

How many culprits will you stop? Accept the Operation Conservation Mission today!

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