RAWR as you find which one doesn’t belong!

Hey Earth Rangers, it’s time to hear you RAWR!

Wait… do you remember what RAWR is?

It means Respect Animals While Recycling! Sounds simple enough, right?  But sometimes it’s not so obvious how respecting animals and recycling go together.


What’s recyclable anyway? You can probably name lots of recyclable things: cardboard, paper, glass jars, and many types of plastic. So let’s play a little game to check how much you already know!

See if you can spot the fake: the item that does NOT belong in the blue bin!

Is it the toilet paper roll, last week’s newspaper, the paper takeout food containers, or the cleaned yogurt drink bottle?

Click on the item you think is the fake!

Think like an animal!

Let’s remember our friends Eclipse and Luna. If YOU were an animal looking for a quick snack, any scrap of food would be better than hunting for your own meal.

When animals smell food coming from your recycling bin, they WILL investigate. And that’s where the problems start. Animals can get really sick or even die from eating out of recycling bins. They can get tangled, trapped, or stuck in different containers.

Recycle with care!

Before setting out your recycling box, remember to do the following:

● Always be sure to wash out bottles, cans, and jars.
● Put the lids back onto containers so animals can’t get stuck in them.
● Cut up six-pack rings so animals can’t get tangled up.
● Make sure you have an animal-proof bin and keep it closed securely.
● Dispose of anything toxic or dangerous in the right place: a recycling depot, NOT the blue bin.

All of this will work EVEN better if you put your recycling, garbage, and compost into animal-proof bins! Remember: when you take out the recycling, let out a loud RAWR!

Get more tips by accepting the RAWR Mission! Look for it in the Mission section in the Earth Rangers App.

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