Stash the Trash like these Super Rangers!


Do you have what it takes to be a Waste Warrior? Want to become a Greenspace Guardian? It’s easy!

Check out this super squad of Earth Rangers who have helped do their part by cleaning up litter in their neighbourhoods!

Earth Ranger Cordel
Have a shoreline that needs to be saved? Cordel is your guy! His fave greenspace included this amazing shoreline so of course he did his part to keep it that way!

Earth Ranger Ashley
Did you know that you can help protect the environment just by cleaning and sorting your recycling at home? Earth Ranger Ashley did just that! By properly securing recycling and waste we take out to the curb, we can make sure it doesn’t end up in the environment as litter.

Earth Ranger Alex
Grabbing a garbage bag to take along on a walk through your ‘hood is a super easy way to get your clean on! Nice work Earth Ranger Alex!

Want to join these epic Earth Rangers on their quest to #cleanuptogreenup?

Accept the Stash the Trash Mission today! We’ve got tons of tips to help you get started, and don’t forget – just by completing your Mission and helping green-ify your favourite outdoor spaces, you’ll earn points to help you level up on your Earth Rangers journey!