This Canada Jay Needs a Nest!


Hi, I’m Birdie! It’s a real “tweet” to meet you!

You might also know me as a grey jay, but I think my other name suits me better. I go by Canada jay because I’m a true Canadian songbird! I love winter so much, I never want to leave! While some birds fly south for the winter, I stay right here.

Since I brave the cold and snow every year, I need a really good shelter to keep me and my nest safe! You see, my chicks are born at the end of each winter, so it’s very important that I find somewhere to nest that’s safe and hidden.

That’s why I love coniferous trees! They’re the kind of trees that have needles all year long. Oh boy, do those needles come in handy! They protect us from the wind and keep us well hidden. Once my baby chicks hatch, these tree will keep my family nice and cozy until my little guys are ready to leave the nest in the spring. 

Photo Credit: Dan Strickland

Coniferous trees are great for storing things too! I spend my summers hiding food in them. If I can’t find anything fresh to feed my chicks in the winter, these sashes of food are super handy.  

I’m not the only one that likes coniferous trees! Lots of different animals depend on them all year, like chipmunks, downy woodpeckers, chickadees, pine butterflies, and more. The trees’ seeds and needles keep us all fed, no matter the season! Plus, these trees have plenty of little spots where we can build our homes.  

See? Coniferous trees are awesome! Are you ready to plant one of your own? 

But wait…don’t you have to plant trees when it’s hot and sunny out? Nope! Turns out, trees like to be planted in the spring and fall, so you’re just in time for some fall planting!  

The mix of cool air and warm soil is exactly what a young conifer wants. The warm soil lets the tree roots spread out so it can get nice and sturdy. The cool air does the opposite: it makes sure the tree itself doesn’t grow too fast before the tree trunk can handle it. When things start warming up in the spring, the new tree will be ready to grow big and strong! 

Will you plant a tree for me? 

Planting just one tree can make a big difference for animals AND help fight climate change at the same time! Accept the Just 1 Tree Mission in the App to learn more!