Time to start your Carbon Footprint Investigation!

Get ready detectives! Grab your magnifying glass and detective hat because your new Mission is here! Our Carbon Footprint Investigation team needs your help to slow down climate change.

Our climate is changing at a much faster rate than it has in the past and that’s a big problem.

When greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are released into the air, they act like a blanket and trap heat near the Earth’s surface, making it warmer. The Earth can re-absorb and release some of these gases, but we are making too much and the planet can’t keep up. More gas trapped in the air means more warming, and that’s bad news for all living things on our planet.

Cut back on carbon (dioxide)

You’ve probably already heard that you can help fight climate change by driving less and saving electricity. Did you know that you can also help by making better choices when you shop? It’s all part of shrinking your carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint:

A good way to help slow down climate change is to shrink your carbon footprint. The amount of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) you create through the products you use and the actions you take. The larger your carbon footprint, the bigger your impact on the planet.

How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

Leave the car at home –  If you can, make trips by foot, bicycle, or public transit. Every small effort can help make a difference.

Cut down on waste – Pollution can really add to your carbon footprint. When we recycle, we use less new stuff, this is good for the planet!

Eat local – Feeling hungry? Not to worry! We know that A LOT of emissions are released when products have to travel long distances. So, let’s look for farmer’s markets and shops that sell things that are grown or made close to home.

Accept the Carbon Footprint Investigation Mission

In this Mission, we give you the tools to investigate the products you have at home to see how they are adding to your carbon footprint. We’ll also share tips that will help you keep your footprint small. So put on your detective hat and let’s get started.

  • Investigate products in your home and complete the quiz to find out how carbon footprint-friendly you are
  • Use the Smart Shopping List and Tips during your next trip to the store
  • See if you’ve become a smarter shopper by retaking the quiz
  • Let us know how it went when you’re finished!

Are you ready to join our Carbon Footprint Investigation team?