We’ve Got the Power!


Take a look around you right now. Notice any gadgets? You might see TVs, tablets, toys, lights, or even the class projector.

What do all of these things have in common? They use ENERGY! From the moment your alarm clock rings each morning, to when you flip off the lights before bed, there’s energy all around you!

So where does all this energy come from, anyway?

You’ll have to accept the We’ve Got the Power Mission to find out!

For this Mission, we want you to learn all about renewable and non-renewable energy. But that’s not all! You’ll also get to make some DIY renewable energy sources—one you can even use to make a delicious treat. YUM!

To complete this Mission, you must:

  • Read through the Mission Brief to become a renewable energy expert.
  • Follow the instructions to make your own DIY device and see renewable energy in action. Build one or all of them—the choice is yours!
  • Show off your creations to your family and friends, and teach them how they work.
  • When you’re done, mark the Mission as complete in the app and let us know how you did. Don’t forget to include a picture of you doing your Mission!

Look for We’ve Got the Power in the Missions Section of the Earth Rangers App!

Tap here to learn more about renewable energy!

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