Your next Mission: What’s at Steak


For this Mission, it’s time to get cooking! We’re taking a look at the way our food choices, particularly around meat, impact the environment. Keep reading to learn more!

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Whether it’s bacon for breakfast, deli meat for lunch or meatloaf for dinner, we have a lot of choices when it comes to meat. But did you know that while we’re filling our tummies, we’re also contributing to climate change?

For most of us, the meat we eat comes from livestock (animals like cows, pigs and chickens) and we’re eating so much meat, that raising livestock has become a big source of greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing the planet to warm faster than it has in the past.

As the global temperature rises, animals all over the world are feeling the impact.

That’s why we’re challenging you to go meat-free one day a week!


Don’t panic – it’s easier than you think. Pick a day of the week that works best and then leave the meat behind. You can choose a meat-free pizza, make your spaghetti without meatballs, or go with a veggie burger instead of a beef patty. You can even have mac and cheese!
Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to eat, grab your chef’s hat because it’s time to get cooking! Choose one of the day’s meals to cook with your family!

When you accept the What’s at Steak Mission, you’ll get:
• a Mission brief with meat-free meal tips to help you on your meat-free day
• a recipe card to write down your favourite meat-free recipe
• instructions to make your own chef’s hat
• a list of meat-free alternatives to keep handy in your kitchen


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  1. I will start to eat less meat. I usually have meat on my school lunch, but since I make my own lunch, I can put other stuff like rice, eggs, or vegetarian sandwiches. This shouldn’t be too hard for me because I like lots of foods, but meat if one of the only things my brothers eat though.