The Trendy Arctic Fox

Fashion trends change from season to season. One winter, the “it” colour might be black, but then it’s purple in the summer. Well, certain animals, like the Arctic Fox, have their own colour trends, except it has less to do with fashion and more to do with survival.

arctic fox
Arctic fox’s winter coat

Arctic foxes can’t take off their coats the way we can, so they have to make special adaptations for different seasons. In the winter, the Arctic fox’s coat is white and thick, which is very handy for blending into the snowy environment and staying warm in the freezing cold. In fact, their coats hold the record for being the most insulated of all mammals, which means it is the best at keeping the heat in, allowing them to survive in temperature as low as -80 degrees Celsius!

arctic fox
Arctic fox’s summer coat

These warm coats are great for the winter, but what happens when the temperature warms up and the snow melts? As you can see from these pictures, the Arctic fox’s summer coat looks completely different than its winter one. Their white fur turns brown and grey, and their coat is only about half as thick. When the temperature drops again, you can bet they will be dressed in their brightest and whitest once more.

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