Chirp Chirp! It’s a podcast all about our fine, feathered friends! Join Earth Ranger Emma as she learns about bird tagging from an expert, discovers whether ostriches hide their heads when they get nervous, and investigates how smart owls really are by meeting an Animal Ambassador! This episode is definitely for the birds!

Geolocator backpacks in action!

Scientists use geolocators to track bird migration. The data from these backpacks can tell us all sorts of important information, like the location of the birds’ stopover sites, which can then be used to help protect the birds.

A scientist holding a wood thrush with a geolocator on it back. Photo Credit: K. Fraser & E. McKinnon

Dr. Bridget Stutchbury’s favourite birds

All time: Kakapo. Photo Credit: Mike Bodie
Canadian: Scarlet Tanager. Photo Credit: Bmajoros

What’s your favourite kind of bird? Let us know in the comments below!

Vincent and Sonic stopped by the podcast recording studio!

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