After checking out Dr. Juliette Giri’s research station, Earth Ranger Emma leaves Sonic with her to look for clues of Adelia Goodwin’s whereabouts. On her way to find where Adelia used to do some field work, Emma’s mind begins to wander. Pulling out her satellite phone, she calls polar bear researcher Larissa to see if polar bears could ever live in the Himalayas. After learning all about polar bears, Emma reaches her destination. After encountering clues that only deepen the mystery of Adelia’s location, a sudden surprise puts Emma face-to-face with what may be her biggest challenge yet!

Take a look at file number 26.93 – 86.70 from Dr. Juliette Giri and Adelia Goodwin’s research

Since snow leopards are so hard to find, Dr. Giri and Adelia used camera traps to take this photo!

Check out these photos polar bear researcher Larissa sent Earth Ranger Emma!

Wow! Larissa wasn’t kidding when she said that polar bears can get really curious! Just look how close this one got to the vehicle.
Check out the Tundra Buggy! Larissa and her colleagues use it to find polar bears in Churchill, MB.

Take a look at this page from Adelia’s Secret Journal!

Adelia sure knew a LOT about snow leopards! What’s something new that you learned?

Check out the writing that Emma found on the wall in the cave! Can you help Emma figure out what it means?

Comment below if you have any ideas that could help Emma solve this puzzle!

Stay tuned for more episodes to find out what happens next!

Emma may just have embarked on an epic quest, but our junior wildlife reporters contest is still going on!

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What creature just entered the cave?

Will Emma find a way out?

How will the quest to find Adelia continue?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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