Mission Objective:

The R.A.W.R. (Respect Animals While Recycling) Mission brings attention to some of the misconceptions around waste disposal and recycling. Kids will learn about how actions like proper waste sorting, composting, and rinsing out containers can have a positive impact on the environment while also mitigating harm to urban wildlife. Making this connection between waste and wildlife helps to foster a sense of responsibility for the things we throw away.

To complete this Mission, kids will…

  • Read through the Mission Brief to learn why their household waste can be dangerous for hungry and curious critters.
  • Follow the tips in the Mission Brief to make their recycling and other waste safe for animals.
  • Take the pledge to make their recycling wildlife-safe.

Mission Items:

When members accept this Mission, they receive a Mission Brief filled with tips to make their household waste and recycling wildlife-safe.

What Kids Think:

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