The western bumblebee is a habitat generalist: a species able to thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions and ecosystems, from subalpine and montane habitats to open forests and prairie grasslands. Despite its adaptability, however, this species has experienced a significant decline in recent years due to cumulative habitat loss and fragmentation as a result of increasingly intensive agriculture, pesticides, and other land use practices. It was once considered one of the most common and widespread bumblebees in western Canada, and we need your help to bring it back.

How we're helping

Your adoption will help Earth Rangers support Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) as they work to restore this important species throughout southern Saskatchewan. When you adopt a western bumblebee, you will help NCC to acquire lands once dedicated to agriculture and transform them back into pristine bumblebee habitat with floral resources, nesting spots, and protected overwintering sites. Funds will be used towards activities like planting native herbaceous flowering plants, building artificial bumblebee nest structures to encourage the establishment of colonies on the restored properties, and educating Saskatchewanians about how we can help this crucial species through their Conservation Volunteer and Indigenous Youth Education Programs.

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