In the Jungles of Sri Lanka Emma finds herself in a desperate situation that could end her quest to find missing conservationist Adelia Goodwin. But luckily a new friend emerges to help her out so that her journey can continue! Following clues from the Adelia’s journal, Emma makes her way to Yala National Park in search of a “…mammal that walks at night and lives alone. Its name might make someone think it’s very slow but it can be quite ferocious​…”

Take a look at this page from Adelia’s Secret Journal!

So the creature Emma was looking for was a Sloth Bear! One mystery solved…but what could onwards and upwards to the world’s highest point mean? Where do you think Adelia went next?

Stay tuned for more episodes to find out what happens next!

Emma may just have embarked on an epic quest, but our junior wildlife reporters contest is still going on!

Wow! Thank you to our Junior Wildlife Reporter Eloise (and special guest Colin) for all the awesome facts about woodpeckers! Were you able to guess which animal made that sound?

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Can you believe how big Sloth Bears are?

Have you ever run into a wild animal at dusk?

Will Emma head to Mount Everest next?

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