An abandoned research cabin in the Nicaraguan rainforest turned out to a cozy and safe resting spot for Emma to spend the night, or did it???! Late at night, a mysterious visitor paid Emma a sneaky visit. Are they friend or foe? Is Emma in danger? Just what will today bring?

The cozy cabin seems to hide many surprises, including internet! Finally, Emma can contact Earth Rangers headquarters, what has happened during her absence? Meet the furry friend that the Earth Rangers had been working to rescue while Emma was away: The Red Panda.

Red pandas are actually not pandas, they don’t even share the same family! Instead, they are a part of the Musteloidea family, like otters, weasels, or raccoons. These cute little critters tend to live in remote locations away from humans, but that hasn’t stopped us from threatening their habitat! Deforestation has left them with less land available to live in and hide from poachers. There are estimated to be roughly only 10,000 red pandas left in the wild.

Earth Rangers has been working with the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC), the Youssef-Warren Foundation, and the Red Panda Network on a project that will help train and support local communities in conserving red panda populations and their forest habitat in Nepal. Since the Red panda’s habitat is so remote, conservation work would be almost impossible without the help of the people that share their homes with these amazing animals – like the Forest Guardians!

You too can help! Head to the Adoptions Section in the Earth Rangers App or visit the Earth Rangers Shop to get your Adoption Kit and help make a difference today!

That’s not all! Further mysteries await our hero as morning rises. Can you spot what stands out before Emma does?

Earth Rangers, this is it! Emma has made a big discovery, or more…a big discovery has found her!
Could this really be Adelia Goodwin? Is she going to be angry to find us here? What do you think?

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