Meet Super Ranger Sisters Zen and Kiana


We are so excited to introduce you to this super sister Earth Ranger duo! Zen is 9 years old and Kiana is 5 years old. They do so much to help protect our planet. We hope their story will inspire you to do the same.

Zen and Kiana are BIG fans of being eco-friendly. They grow their own fruits and veggies, recycle, and work hard to save energy at home. When their mom told them about Earth Rangers, they signed up right away!

“The animals and environment are special and we need them to survive,” they told us. And these super sisters are super right! 

Zen and Kiana love finding new ways to help animals. Now, they not only save energy at home but at school too! They pick up litter every day, and plan to make homemade bird feeders every spring and summer. They’ve also started composting. They’ve even gotten their neighbours to compost too!  

But that’s not all! Zen and Kiana even adopted two polar bears! They bring their plushies to school and use them to teach their friends about saving animals.

Wow, Zen and Kiana! You two are truly amazing super sisters. We are SO impressed by all the work you’ve done to protect our planet and all the incredible creatures that depend on it! Great job, girls!