Super Ranger Jacob’s Birthday, Missions and More!


Super Ranger Jacob loves being an Earth Ranger! He knows how important it is to help protect animals and the environment and he’s doing his part to make a difference. Here’s what Jacob has to say about what it’s like to be an Earth Ranger.

Jacobs Earth Ranger Birthday

Hi, my name is Jacob and I am an Earth Ranger. I love being an Earth Ranger. Last year I had a Bring Back the Wild birthday party and instead of birthday gifts, I raised $75 to help protect the Beluga Whales .I discovered Earth Rangers on a commercial I seen on TV. After seeing the commercial, I realized that animals and the environment do need our help so I went on the computer and signed up to be an Earth Ranger. So far, I have completed 9 missions, and each of them was a lot of fun to do and I enjoyed learning about how we can help to save the environment and the animals. I really like it when I see my achievements and badges on my Earth Rangers website page. I also received an Earth Rangers t-shirt for a Christmas gift and I received some pins to wear on my shirt for raising money to save the Beluga Whales. I enjoy wearing my shirt and when people ask what an Earth Ranger is, I like to explain how to become an Earth ranger and what we do. Many of my friends and other kids in the neighbourhood have also become Earth Rangers after I told them about it. I explained the missions and how much I enjoy being an Earth Ranger. If you want to help save animals with over one hundred thousand earth rangers that are already saving animals go to https: and click the green button at the top that says ‘Become an Earth Ranger’. My family and I also attended the solid waste authority in our city to learn more about recycling (what can be recycled and how animals can be hurt and killed if we let garbage into our environment and water sources). We also learned about the importance of bringing paint, batteries and hazardous materials directly the dump and not throwing them in our garbage and landfills. We collect these kinds of things from our neighbours, family and friends and bring them to the dump to make sure they don’t go in the garbage.
Ranger Jacob

super ranger jacob at Christmas