Super Ranger Stephany’s Fantastic Fundraisers!


We are sending a warm welcome to Super Ranger Stephany as she joins the Wall of Fame for her outstanding efforts fundraising to help protect animals!


Super Ranger Stephany started as an Earth Ranger at her summer camp where she raised $75 by selling arts & crafts to protect the Eastern Wolf. This past year Stephany raised a WHOPPING $500 for the Little Brown Bat by selling popcorn and hosting multiple bake sales at her school!


To add to her list of amazing work, Super Ranger Stephany took on multiple Earth Rangers Missions!

Stephany planted seedlings in her school garden for the Pollinator Power Mission, built birdfeeders for the For the Birds Mission, and even discovered that most people preferred the taste of tap water over bottled water in the Water Taste Challenge!

Stephany is truly an inspirational Super Ranger and she would like other kids to know – “Humans have done great damage to the earth and should fix the damage. If the Earth is destroyed we will have no planet to live on. Lots of humans do not see this, but lots of people do, like us Earth Rangers.”

Thanks Super Ranger Stephany, keep up the amazing work!