This is it! Emma’s quest has been leading up this moment. She is finally faced to face with Adelia Goodwin… who doesn’t seem all too pleased to find her looking through her diary! Oh dear, how is her reunion with the legendary conservationist going to go?

It sure has been a long journey for Emma, hasn’t it? It would not be an understatement to say she’s gone through a lot. Stranded in the Namib desert, climbing the peaks of the Himalayas to making an emergency landing in the Nicaraguan jungle, Emma has gone above and beyond to find Adelia.

Before jumping into this climax, let’s look back at her adventures, discoveries, new friends, and foes.

Where it all started

It all began during the spring cleaning at the Earth Ranger’s Centre. Exploring the attic, Emma discovers a mysterious journal inside, a diary of records made by none other than the famous – but missing – conservationist Adelia Goodwin! Eager to use the journal as a clue, Emma jumped into her plane Bessy and set out to her first destination: Sri Lanka. 

But she wasn’t alone…

Sonic, the stowaway sidekick!

Hiding aboard Bessy was none other than Sonic, the barn owl!

Having no choice but to bring him along, Emma would soon discover how useful her animal companion was to her journey when he helped her to retrieve Adelia’s journal after it got stolen.

Sonic the European barn owl

A test above the clouds

While she doesn’t have wings like Sonic, Emma could fly Bessy. And yet, her highest point ever reached is by climbing! The Himalayas proved to be her greatest test yet. To show she was not a thief who had stolen Adelia’s journal, Emma had to prove herself in a test of knowledge. Through this, she gained her greatest ally: Nepal-based environmentalist, Dr. Juliette Giri – snow leopard expert – and Adelia Goodwin superfan. Together, Juliette and Adelia researched snow leopards, that is… up until Adelia’s mysterious disappearance.

Under Dr. Giri’s guidance, Emma explored the mountains for more clues – and eventually stumbled upon Adelia’s writing in a cave. The text was a riddle – one Emma would need to solve to know where to go next!

After solving the Riddle, Emma set off to her next destination. But there was one little problem… Bessy’s GPS malfunctioned, forcing Emma to crash land in the Namib desert! Then Emma had to make the difficult decision of continuing by foot in the dangerous desert or moving away from her destination to the safety of a campsite.

Just where would Emma go?

On her way to safety, Emma found Nyah. The two quickly became close friends, eagerly setting off to help animals in danger not long after they reached the campsite. And yet, strange mysteries seemed to tie to Nyah. Emma’s friend had an odd serpent tattoo, one not too unlike the carving on a box dropped from a passing Jeep. The box itself was locked, but there was a worrying message on its side that said:

“Your time is running out.”

The warning on the box, the drawing on its lid, and the strange key hidden inside it left Emma with many questions. Just what was this key for? Why did the serpent match Nyah’s tattoo? Was Emma in danger? Was Adelia in danger?

With these questions in mind, Emma decided to sneak from camp at night to fix Bessy, a decision that led to a hasty escape!

Where we are now

Emma’s last destination brings her to the Nicaragua jungle. Tired and in need of some rest, Emma is pointed to a research cabin… one that is locked! With no other key but the one she found, Emma tested the serpent’s key on the door, and it opens! What does this mean?

That next morning, Emma explores the research cabin a little more, stumbling across the biggest clue yet: Another journal! But just as she begins to read it, a certain someone interrupts her.

Everything has led up to this point! What part of Emma’s adventure did you like the most? Were there any moments that stood out to you? What animal met along this journey did you like the most?
Finally…What new adventures will await Emma back home?

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