After a long hike through the Himalayan Mountains Emma still has a ways to go before she reaches her destination. Dealing with high altitude and difficult terrain, Emma decides to call junior wildlife reporter Aliza who lives in snow leopard conservation area in Pakistan. After talking to Aliza, Emma begins reading the secret journal of missing conservationist Adelia Goodwin and discovers that she was looking for an elusive creature high up in the Himalayas. Will Emma be able to follow her footsteps and find what she was looking for?

Take a look at this page from Adelia’s Secret Journal!

It looks like Adelia took off into Sagarmatha National Park in order to look for the elusive snow leopard. Was she able to meet up with her contact Dr. Juliette Giri and find evidence of these hard-to-find cats? 

Check out these photos from junior wildlife reporter Aliza! 

(Left) Aliza Rae and her sister Rouya Nour ​with their dogs Layla and Shasha in the Chitral Gol National Park (Right) Aliza Rae standing behind our house watching the markhor who come by almost daily to drink from the water channel. They are experts at climbing trees to eat the leaves.
Markhor, also known as screw-horned goat, live in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan.

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