12 of the funniest animal pictures EVER!!


Animals are always doing funny things and sometimes their antics get caught on camera. And that’s exactly what the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are all about. We’ve picked 12 of the silliest, funniest and most hilarious animal pictures submitted to the contest just to share a chuckle with you!

“Nom nom nom…Blech! This marble tastes awful!”
Photo Credit: Michael Lane/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
“I’d love to stay, but I mustache!”
Photo Credit: Olivier Colle/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
“I’ve made a huge mistake! Uh…can somebody help me? I’m stuck!”
Photo Credit: Patty Bauchman/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
“Ok, everybody ready? Say seeeeeeal!”
Photo Credit: Roie Galitz/Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Award
“I’m freeeeee!”
Photo Credit: Sarah E Devlin/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Photo Credit: Tom Stables/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“Gotta get my steps in. Just 9,000 left to go!”
Photo Credit: Alex Jevon/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“Oh! Was this corn yours? Awkwaaaard…”
Photo Credit: Barb D’arpino/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“Now where did Sammy go? I know I saw him around here somewhere…”
Photo Credit: Daisy Gilardini/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“Hey! Who turned out the lights?!”
Photo Credit: James Mitson/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“I believe I can flyyyyyy! I believe I can touch the skyyyyy!”
Photo Credit: Kevin Rooney/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award
“Ok, the music’s starting. 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3…Ouch! Watch my foot, Jerry!”
Photo Credit: Luca Venturi/Comedy Wildlife Photo Award

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