Top Ten Animals Chillin in the Sun


School is out and it’s the height of summer in Canada. We think it’s time to kick back and relax in the sun. Check out this top ten list of animals taking advantage of the warm sunny weather where they live. Which animal would you like to trade places with for the day? Tell us in the comment section below.

Sunbathing fox

fox sunbathing

It’s beach time for this fur seal

Fur seal on the beach

Hippo sun appreciation club

hippos, sun

Sweet lion dreams under the sun

lion sleeping

Sunbathing is serious business for this lizard

lizard, sun

Meerkat beach chair


Monkeys need R&R time too

monkey, resting

Relaxing otter style

otter, sun, napping

Tiger sun naps are always better with a log 

tiger nap

Turtle time in the sun

turtle, sun, pond