Top Ten Birds That Winter in Canada

The outdoor areas in your neighbourhood don’t need to look empty in the winter. You can help fill them with animal life by setting up a winter bird feeder! Although many birds migrate south in the fall, several species live in Canada year-round, toughing it out all winter long. You can help these birds out by accepting the For the Birds Mission and building your own bird feeder!

To find out what birds you might see at your winter feeder check out this list of the top ten bird species that stick around for the winter. Since some species tend to be picky eaters, we have listed them based on their favourite types of seeds and nuts.

Black oil sunflower seeds

10. Black-capped chickadees

Black capped chickadee

9. White-breasted nuthatches

white breasted nuthatch

8. Finches (house, purple)

Purple Finch

7. Northern cardinals


6. Blue jays (also really like cracked corn)

Blue jay

Nyjer seeds

5. American goldfinches

American Goldfinch

4. Common redpolls (if you have birch trees nearby common redpolls will eat birch seeds too)

Common Redpoll


3. White-breasted nuthatches

white brested nuthatch

2. Brown creepers

Brown Creeper

Cedar berries

1. Cedar waxwings

cedar waxwings

*Bird Feeder Tip! Try to avoid using seed mixes that contain millet because some birds won’t eat millet, which means the seeds will geminate as weeds on the ground the next spring. Black oil sunflower seeds (not striped sunflower seeds) and suet will usually attract the largest diversity of birds to your winter feeder.

Have you spotted any birds in your neighbourhood? Comment below to share your bird sightings!

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