Top Ten Coolest Animal Dads


It’s Father’s Day this Sunday! To help you and the family celebrate, here’s a countdown of some of the coolest dads in the animal kingdom. Leave a comment to share what’s awesome about your dad.

1) Chinstrap penguin

chinstrap penguin dad

Male and female chinstrap penguins take turns incubating the eggs and helping to feed the chicks.

2)Grey wolf

wolf dad and cub

Males and females form lifelong bonds, they raise their pups together as a family.

3) Gorilla

Gorilla dad carrying young

Males lead the group, providing protection for the young and sometimes taking charge of parenting.

4) Jacanca

Jacanca father with chick
Photo credit: Matt Francey

Jacancas are single dads! They incubate the eggs and raise the chicks on their own.

5) Lion

lion father with cubs

Lion dads defend the pride’s territory, leaving mom to take care of hunting and raising the cubs.

6) Marmoset

Marmoset family

Marmoset dads help to groom and feed their young as well as give them piggyback rides!

7) Poison dart frog

poison dart frog tadpoles on dad

Once the eggs hatch, the tadpoles are carried on both mom and dad’s back to a water source.

8) Red fox

Red fox dad with young

Red fox dads bring food back to the den for mom and the kits.

9) Seahorse

seahorse, colourful

Seahorse dads carry the incubated eggs in their pouch until they hatch, which can take up to 45 days.

10) Great horned owl

Great horned owl dad

In this family, dad keeps busy bringing food, like mice, to mom and the newborn chicks.