Top Ten Coolest Animal Feet

Feet are wonderful, they help us stand, run, skip and are great for a tickle attack. But not everyone’s feet are the same, check out this top ten list to discover animals with some of the coolest feet!

1) American Coot

They have long toes wrapped in skin that help them to swim while still being able to walk on land.

American coot (fulica Americana) legs

2) Elephant

Their feet have ‘cushion pads’ which distribute the weight. They also use their feet to communicate, stomping the ground to send out vibrations.

Closeup of elephant feet

3) Gecko

Their toes are covered in tiny microscopic hairs, which help them to stick to surfaces.
gecko foot photo credit flickr users Jo Anslow

4) Ostrich

They are the only bird with two toes. This design helps them to run fast, reaching up to about 70 km an hour!
ostrich feet

5) Lion

Like most members of the cat family, their paws have padding to help them walk quietly they also have retractable claws.
large male lion paw

6) Bald eagle

They have powerful talons that they use to hunt prey like fish
eagle feet

7) Rhinoceros

They have surprisingly small feet for their weight, which can reach up to 8,000lbs.
Rhino foot _

8) Monkey

They have an opposable thumb and sensitive pads that allow them to grab onto things like a branch.
monkey feet

9) Crocodile

They have webbed feet to help them swim. Their toes also have sharp claws!
Crocodile Paw

10) Penguin

They have so much blubber and warm feathers over their entire body that they need to have bare feet to allow heat to escape so they can regulate their body temperature.

detail of the Magellan penguin of the antarctic regions