Top Ten Cutest Animal Ambassador Moments


The Earth Rangers’ Animal Ambassadors have all kinds of crazy adventures, and we’ve got the photos to prove it! Countdown through Hudson, Koho, Cosmo and Forrest’s cutest moments, then take the gang home when you pick up one of our new Animal Ambassador Stuffed Animals.

“Follow me, adventure’s this way!”

Hudson the lynx cub
Hudson as a cub

“We’re so fluffy and cute!”

Red fox cubs
Forrest and his brother Finn as cubs

“I’ve spotted something…I’ll attack it with my laser eyes!”

Koho the bald eagle
Koho the bald eagle

“Hey you, whatcha up to?”

hudson the lynx
Hudson the lynx

“Look deep into my eyes…you are getting veeerrry sleeepy”

cosmo the ring tailed  lemur
Cosmo the ring-tailed lemur

“I’m totally going to win this game of hide-and-seek”

Forrest the fox in leaves
Forrest the red fox

“O’man, is it my turn to vacuum again?”

hudson lynx with vacume
Hudson the lynx

“Ultimate Brother Fighting Force”

Red fox brothers Forrest and Finn

“I got it guys! I’ve saved us from another pumpkin attack!”

Hudson playing with a pumpkin
Hudson the lynx

“Can I get the door for you?”

Cosmo ring tailed lemur
Cosmo the ring-tailed lemur