Mission Objective:

Climate change is a serious problem and the more greenhouse gas emissions we release, the more extreme it becomes. Kids can do their part to fight climate change by accepting the What’s at Steak Mission. This Mission takes a balanced look at the impacts of livestock on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and challenges kids to help reduce their environmental footprints by going meat-free once per week.

To complete this Mission, kids will…

  • Read through the Mission Brief to learn how eating meat contributes to climate change.
  • Take the What’s at Steak pledge and challenge themselves to have one meat-free day a week for as many weeks as they can.
  • Put on their chef’s hat and pick a meat-free meal to cook with their family.

Mission Items:

When members accept this Mission, they receive a Mission Brief, a recipe card, a reference chart of meat alternatives and instructions to make a chef’s hat.

What Kids Think: