Podcast Bonus Episode: World’s Funniest Animals

The Earth Rangers Podcast is back with a special bonus episode and this time, prepare to laugh your socks off! Emma and her animal investigation squad are on a mission to find out if animals actually laugh.

The Earth Rangers Podcast is the BEST animal podcast EVER! You’ll join Emma, our podcast host and Earth Ranger Extraordinaire, as she journeys from ecosystem to ecosystem on a quest to solve some of nature’s greatest mysteries!


Bonus Episode:
World’s Funniest Animals

A very silly episode of “Who am I” leads Earth Ranger Emma to investigate the science of animal laughter.


Just click the play button on the player below and get ready for another adventure!

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  1. cnbodzas22 says:



  2. kcp123 says:

    hah, y’all just made my day


  3. HayleyKMLWalchuk says:



  4. madi2011 says:

    that is cool.


  5. ajtheboom1 says:

    Some anamals are so funny


  6. GoldenBoot says:

    that was funny


  7. bluehope says:

    That video is so funny!


  8. aguis0966 says:

    that’s so funny


  9. bluehope says:

    love This video I would like to watch again haha


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