Introducing Operation Burrowing Owl!


In 1987 Nature Saskatchewan launched Operation Burrowing Owl, a project designed to protect important Burrowing Owl habitat in the province. Working with landowners who spot these endangered owls on their property, Operation Burrowing Owl aims to conserve the areas of grassland the owls are found in by doing things like putting up wildlife-friendly fencing around burrows or around habitats used by the owls, or replanting native plants and grasses on old cropland to help create new owl habitat – and when you collect donations for your Bring Back the Wild campaign this Earth Month, you’ll be helping Nature Saskatchewan do just that!

If a landowner spots a Burrowing Owl, nest site, or burrow on their property, all they have to do is call the Hoot Line (get it?!) to report the sighting and join the team. They’ll be given tons of information about the best ways to use their land to protect the owl’s habitat, and they can help do their part by keeping track of the owls on their property and continuing to report any sightings. Since the program started it’s grown to include over 350 different landowners and managers conserving over 140,000 acres of Burrowing Owl habitat, helping create and conserve tons of important habitat for the critters that need it the most!

This amazing project is just one of THREE that we’re supporting this Earth Month – and that you can support too by starting a Bring Back the Wild campaign! Visit to learn more, and remember, these little guys need love too!




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