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How To Become An Official Earth Ranger

Are you ready to be an Official Earth Ranger? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you sign up!


Tip: Ask your parent or guardian to sign up with you. That way, they can check their inbox for our “parent approval email” right after you’ve completed the registration process!



Click “Become an Earth Ranger” or “Protect Animals” in the Navigation menu.

Click "Become an Earth Ranger" in the menu.


Take the Earth Rangers Pledge! All Earth Rangers take a special pledge that shows their commitment to protecting animals and their homes.


Once you’ve taken the pledge, your first Mission is to help protect an animal by starting a Bring Back the Wild campaign. Click each square on the side of the page to learn more about the threats each animal facts and find out how you can help protect them! When you find the animal that you want to protect, click “PROTECT!”

bbtw landing page wolverine


Select your Bring Back the Wild fundraising goal. With the money you raise, you’ll help protect animals and you can earn awesome rewards!

select goal


Create your avatar and click SAVE



Enter your info and your parent or guardian’s email address on the signup form and click “FINISH!”

TIP: Don’t forget to write down your username and password! You’ll need this to log in to your account later on.

signup form

IMPORTANT: In order for you to receive your membership card and become an Official Earth Ranger, we need your parent’s approval! Make sure the email address you’ve entered is correct and remind your parent/guardian to check their inbox so they can approve your membership. Sometimes emails can end up in Spam/Promotions/Junk folders. If your parent/guardian can’t find the email in their inbox, remind them to check those folders.


Get started! Visit your donation page to learn more about the animal you’ve chosen to protect, find creative and fun ways to collect donations, and more!

Tip:  If you need help, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at

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