Celebrate the podcast’s 100th Episode!

Hi Earth Rangers! Everything is back to normal here at the Earth Rangers podcast control station. That little glitch from earlier last week? That was nothing!! We have full control of the signal and feed.

More importantly: it’s time to CELEBRATE! It’s the 100th anniversary of Emma’s podcast! We’ve done more than 100th episodes – centi-pods!

To celebrate this 100th Episode (centenary) Emma is looking at the Centipede! With over 3’000 recorded specials, there’s a ton to learn about centipedes. Learn about experimental design, and try out the “Earth Rangers podcast” trivia here: Bonus: The Big 100

Ask Emma some questions

Everyone knows Emma by now. She’s our main podcast host! She’s traveled the world, gone on daring adventures, raced to earn her spots, and uncovered the mysteries of who (or what) are the “Serpent”.

To celebrate her 100th Anniversary, Emma has teamed up with Earth Ranger Nat (from the Quest for the Best) to gather YOUR questions. What is her favorite animal? Does she know how to play any instruments? Nat will also do their best to reach out to Ryan and Adelia if you have any questions. Comment below with your questions, and we’ll do our best to gather the best (and most frequent) ones to answer them in a future Wildwire blog!

Comment with your questions for Emma, Adelia, or Ryan!