Attention! This is Earth Ranger Emma confirming that everything is back to normal here at the Earth Rangers podcast control station. That little glitch from earlier this week? That was nothing!! I assure you everything is fine and we have full control of the signal and feed! Let’s just forget anything even happened.

Today it’s time to CELEBRATE! It’s our 100th anniversary, our 100th episode, our … centi-pod!
Thanks for all the great adventures we’ve had together and here’s to the next 100!!! Cheers!

Would you believe it? We’ve done more than 100 episodes! Six Years and six seasons… those are quite the adventures! Emma has been to so many places, spoken to so many people, and discovered all kinds of animals!  

To celebrate this 100th Episode (centenary) Emma is looking at a very special “centi” animal: The Centipede! With over 3’000 recorded specials, there’s a ton to learn about centipedes.

Experimental Design:

It’s about time we revealed the best way to study facts! A great way to understand the world you live in is to observe, and experiment! Asking questions is super important! How else will you learn?

For experimental design, Emma shares with us a scientific method used to study the centipede. Broken down into 5 simple steps, it should be a piece of cake to try yourself!

  • Step 1. Formulate your question!
  • Step 2 Fill in your understanding with background research
  • Step 3. Hypothesize!
  • Step 4. Design the experiment!
  • Step 5. Review the information you’ve gathered, see if it supports or disproves your hypothesis, and then add this new info to your understanding!

Ask questions!

You know…over these 100 episodes, we’ve followed Emma and learned a whole lot with her. You’ve asked a ton of questions about animals and places she’s visited. Why not use this celebration to ask Emma some questions about her?

On the Wildwire Emma is joining forces with Nat again to gather a bunch of questions that you have. If you have any questions about Adelia Goodwin and Ryan as well, we should be able to ask them some too! Once we’ve got a few, Emma will pick her favorite to answer in a blog.

So what are you waiting for? Ask away!

Trivia Time!

Have you listened to enough Earth Rangers episodes to answer some quiz questions? Do you remember any of this trivia from Emma’s adventures? Give it a try and see if you can be the Trivia Master of the Earth Rangers podcast!

  • Name Emma’s top 5 favorite animals
  • What is the name of Emma’s plane?
  • What musical instrument does Emma use to call Sonic?
  • What does Emma keep on her desk at Earth Rangers?
  • Who did Emma meet while she was hiking the Appalachian Trail?
  • What is the name of Emma’s cat?
  • What did Adelia’s friend in Wapusk give Emma?

Know any of these answers? Remember any other fun trivia to show off? Let us know in the comments below!

Can you believe we’re finally at 100? Can you name which episode is your favorite? What place or animal you loved learning more about? Don’t forget to go ask some questions on the Wildwire blog!