Eco-Activity: Wildlife at Home!


Wildlife At Home!

Ever wonder what pandas get up to when no one’s watching? Do polar bears play out on the tundra? Are honeybee hives really all abuzz with activity?

Your challenge today is to solve these animal mysteries and more by tuning in to these live animal cams

Using you’ll get up close and personal with some of your favourite animals, right from home! Live cameras are set up to watch different species around the world, showcasing the animal kingdom in ways you’ve never seen! Discover what’s happening right now on each animal cam, watch highlight videos, find fun facts and comment on the latest action!

Here’s a checklist of some wild moments to look out for:

  • Spot an animal sleeping in the shade
  • Find a baby animal
  • Go underwater and see one fish chasing another
  • Scout out an herbivore 
  • Find an animal that can survive both in water and on land 
  • See a flight of the fastest wings on earth (who could that be?) 
  • Watch an animal eat
  • Spot a camouflaged animal in their habitat 
  • Post a photo of your family watching these wild animals with the hashtag #EarthMonthforAnimals 

Visit these 3 awesome animals that Earth Rangers is currently working hard to protect: polar bearsotters, and osprey

Plus, if after watching you decide you’d like to help out wild polar bearsotters, and osprey, check out the adoptions program in our app! Digital adoptions are now 50% off in celebration of Earth Month