Eco-Activity: Bee mine


Have you heard the buzz? Valentine’s Day is flying this way! But don’t go out and buy cards, make your own instead! Bonus points if you make them out of recycled materials! For today’s Eco-Activity, let’s get crafty and make these BEE-autiful cards to share with the ones you love most!


1. Using your cardstock, make a heart-shaped tracing template. 

2. Fold your yellow construction paper and trace around your heart along the folded side. Cut this out, leaving the folded side uncut. This will give you two joined hearts – ta-da! The head of your bee is also a card! Write a message to your Valentine inside. 

3. Trace and cut out two more yellow hearts – these ones don’t need to be folded.  

4. Trace and cut out two black hearts.  

5. Glue the black heart onto the yellow card so that the black V peeks out from behind the yellow V. Continue with your other yellow and black hearts, alternating colours. This will bee the body!  

6. Trace and cut out two white/light blue hearts. Then glue them onto the back of your bee body, sticking out like wings.

7. Draw a face or add googly eyes to the head/card of your bee.

8. Add antennae by cutting them out of scrap construction paper.

9. Give your Bee Mine card to someone you love!