Eco-Activity: Upcycled Snow Squalls


There has been a lot of snowfall across Canada lately, and many places have been experiencing super chilly temperatures. This motivated us to craft some snow-inspired banners and mobiles to make our inside feel a little more like the outside! We made snowflakes out of newspaper and other recycled materials that were bound for the blue bin – and you can too!

All you need to do is continually fold a piece of paper into its corners. Then, cut creatively without completely cutting the fold line holding it all together. Consider trimming the outside into a fun shape too, so not all of your flakes are square-like. Once you’re done clipping, unfold your recycled paper and voila! Then it’s up to you how you’d like to display your faux-flakes and hang them around the house.

Once you’ve finished with crafting, it’s time to recycle the scraps and other litter-like things around your house. Don’t forget to double check what you CAN and CAN’T recycle! If we are not careful about how we dispose of our bags, cleaners and other waste, it can mean real danger for animals. So, once you’ve prepared your household waste to be safe curbside, visit your municipality’s website to get a full list of items that are recyclable in your area and to check out any special guidelines on how to treat your waste. Make sure everything is wildlife-safe before you put it out for collection by doing things like rinsing out jars and containers, and cutting six-pack rings!