Eco-Activity: Snowy Seed Smorgasbord


Snow is fun fluff but did you know it can hide food sources from feathered friends? A huge amount of snow can make it harder for birds to get enough food, which can be a problem since they get hungry faster than most animals. That’s because they actually turn food into energy at a faster rate than other creatures! Fun fact, but not so fun for hungry birds!

Want to help them keep their bellies full? SNOW PROBLEM! Build a big snow mound, off the ground enough so that the seed will be kept safe from more falling fluff. Then, make a hole large enough for a bird to be able to perch and sneak a snack from. Fill it with your favourite seasonal birdseed mixture. Consider putting out a few extra morsels to advertise what’s inside. Maybe even spell out some hints in the snow like we did!