Eco-Activity: Lightbulb Switcheroo!


How many Earth Rangers does it take to change a light bulb? ONE!

Did you know that the type of light bulb you buy makes a difference to the amount of energy your home uses?

The cheapest incandescent bulbs aren’t the best when it comes to using energy! Saving a dollar at the store can actually end up costing your house more in electricity and can cause more damage to the environment!

Here are simple steps to do your part at home:

Step 1: Decide which energy efficient bulb is best for your space: CFL or LED? Discover their main differences on the Earth Rangers App!

Step 2: Figure out how bright they’ll need to be. Less lumens mean less light! For indoors, you’ll want something not too strong with about 450 lumens. Save the bright guys, (bulbs with around 1600 lumens) for outdoor use where you need loads of light!

Step 3: Replace your incandescent bulbs with your new energy-efficient ones!

Step 4: Snap a picture with all the inefficient bulbs you’ve switched out before you dispose of them safely, then share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

It’s important because…

Using less energy means releasing less greenhouse gas emissions, which means you’re helping to fight climate change, right from home! You’re one step closer to being a climate-change-fighting scientist, like the ones who are attending COP26 this year! The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) gives scientists, researchers, policy makers, and other organizations a chance to share ideas for dealing with climate change. They would be so proud and excited to hear that another Earth Ranger is making a small but mighty move to help our planet!