Eco-Activity: It’s time for Creature Feature Round 2!


We hope you enjoyed last week’s fox fun creature feature! Can you guess hoo this week’s special guest is?

Great horned owls are found throughout North America, making their homes in a variety of habitats. They like to live on the edge of open habitat, like wetlands, meadows, and croplands, where their amazing eyesight and keen sense of hearing can help them spot tiny prey out in the open as they hunt silently from above.

Sadly, their populations have been declining, and the open spaces they rely on are disappearing. That’s why it’s so important we protect and restore the places where they’re found, and you can help! Click here to learn more!

Now that you know owl about these awesome animals, let’s get crafting! For today’s eco-activity, we’re making pop-up owl cards (complete with a moving beak!) that are sure to be a hoot for any lucky recipient!

Write your own message or check out our favourite owl jokes if you need some inspiration! 

  • What is an owl’s favorite subject in school? Owlgebra
  • What is an owl’s favorite drink? Hoot beer
  • What is an owl’s favorite type of book? HOO-dunnits
  • Why don’t owl’s study for tests? They just wing them
  • What should an owl always bring to the beach? A t-owl