Eco-Activity: Eggcellent bunnies and chicks


Eggcellent bunnies & chicks

Let’s get in the springtime spirit by creating some eco-friendly upcycled decorations! With each individual dome from your egg carton, you’ll have the beginnings of an adorable bunny or newly hatched baby chick. Easy peasy! You probably already have all you need to do this simple craft at home. 

Here are our suggestions for materials you can use to bring them to life, but feel free to get even more creative!

  • Recycled egg carton
  • Kid-safe scissors 
  • Markers, paint, or crayons 
  • Pipecleaners (for easy fuzzy ears)
  • Glue 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Cotton balls (for fluffy tails!)

Making crafts like these out of recycled materials that come from trees are an amazing way to reduce our impact on forests and the animals that live there! Don’t forget to share your eggcellent creations and help spread awareness of the importance of Earth Month by posting a photo with the hashtag #EarthMonthforAnimals.